Are You Ready for Micro Moments?

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Consumers use their smartphone to get answers to 4 key micro moments:

  1. “I want to know…” Moments
  2. “I want to do…” Moments
  3. “I want to go…” Moments
  4. “I want to buy…” Moments

To win in the shift to mobile, you need to be ready to answer consumers needs at any time and deliver the right message and experience that meet their needs at that micro moment.

When developing your brand and content be sure to create it with a mobile first approach. If your content is mobile friendly you will be ready to help consumers shape decisions and preferences in your favor. Make it easy for consumers to choose your brand by making your content simple and useful. Lastly, be quick. Your content should not be long cumbersome or take too much time to load. Your customers want information fast. Think about reducing extra clicks, make calls to action stand out and check the speed of your page load.