Packaging Design

Ask any food marketer and they will agree that packaging is one of the most important sales tools and influential factor in the success of a product. When designing and planing your product packaging, consider the following:

  • Who is the consumer?
  • How, When, Where will the consumer buy, then consume the product?
  • How can product packaging be designed to drive the consumer’s purchase impulse?
  • How much will they buy at one time? How often?
  • How much are they willing to pay? (How are competitive products priced?)
  • What is the right product size for the consumer? How will the merchandisers, retailers, distributors and freight carriers expect the product to be packaged? Remember to consider legal and industry standards.
  • Create packaging that takes advantage of shipping master packs and pallet configurations to maximize freight and sales
  • Look at materials and production methods to efficiently achieve the best protection of the product during shipping and handling as well as to extend shelf-life. Consider eco-friendly packaging.
  • Can the package show added value?
  • What are the legal requirements that must be followed?

Look at products that are already successful in the marketplace and make an assessment on the features.  Check out any competitive products and see what works as well as determine new designs and packaging that may put your product ahead of the competition.

Designing your brand identity and packaging materials is very important.  Look to professionals to help in this area.  A relatively small investment up front can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run, not only in costly redesigns, new packaging, printing and inventories but also in lost revenue.