Natural and Green Appeal

According to a recent article in, two paths,”natural” and “green” are being incorporated into food product design, development and marketing. In 2009, Chicago based research firm, Mintel in their Global New Product Database announced that the No. 1 claim on food labels was “natural”.  Sales of food that carried “natural” on the label were $23 billion in 2008. Natural color ingredients showed a significant shift in the trend for developing and marketing new food products.

Green products that attend to social and environmental issues have also seen a big surge in sales. Terms such as “biodegradable”, “locally grown”, “eco-friendly”, “sustainable”, “fair trade”, and “cage-free” are popular product descriptions and market positioning that are influencing consumer purchases. Packaged Facts projects that food products with these ethical claims will see a growth rate up to 57% through 2014.

Designing and developing new food products with “natural” of “green” claims can make a difference in your product success. However, make sure that consumer expectations are met, and the perceived value, especially for more-expensive products, encourages them to spend on the new product.